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It's a God Thing, for sure

Hello.....some of you may have been following me on my other blog, and have asked that I do a travel blog.

Some of you know the story or how we became interested in volunteering with and that is what we are getting ready to do.

The name of our blog depicts the very thing I said when I had been talking to a friend via e-mail and told her how we had been tossing the idea around for over a year and I was getting so frustrated because we couldn't decide what to do.....sell the house or stay.  We couldn't go do what we wanted if we didn't sell the house but on the other hand, I LOVED my home.  So, one day, I told her "I am so frustrated, with the back and forth, back and forth trying to decide whether to do it or not, I guess someone is just going to have to knock on my door and ask if we want to sell the house and I'll know it's from God"  Well, not even 20 minutes later, the doorbell rang and he…