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We are finally on the road!!!

Yes, it's true!!!  Wow, I just looked and the last time I updated this blog was May 9th!!  I promise to do better from here on out.

We have just been so busy getting the truck, getting it ready to go, visiting our older Son, getting our 4th yard sale set up and completed and deciding what needed to go with us and what needed to stay in the storage unit!!  We can't believe how much stuff we still have after four sales.  Can I just say how 'freeing' this has been??  I wouldn't have believed it, but a good friend of mine said that "you won't believe how FREE you feel when you get rid of STUFF"  She was right!!

In the midst of all of that, our younger Son came home and surprised me for Mother's Day.  He drove all the way from FL to OR in a few days.  AND, then he told us that he was moving back to FL so he would be joining us for our yard sale.

We had a very busy week getting things set up for the sale and during the sale we encountered rain, snow, ha…

Getting down to the wire

Well, it's been a busy week.  We got our Tonneau cover for our truck and will be getting our Nerf bars put on, this  coming Monday.   Sorry for no photo, I am still figuring out G mail.  I'll get it .....after I have some time to myself. :-)

AND, surprise, surprise......we are having yet another yard sale, this weekend!  Gotta get rid of more stuff as the storage shed is plum FULL!!!!  We'll be having it at our youngest Son's house and he is also going to get rid of a bunch of stuff.

It's been typical yard sale weather, at least it always seems that way when we have one.  It's been showering off and on all day and windy.  And, the weather forecast says we may have more for the weekend.  Bah Humbug.  But, it is what it is!!  Right?

Then, Sunday, our last time at our church till we get back to OR.  I'll miss that church.....but the great thing is that the Pastor's messages are on the HBC website and we can listen to them!!!  Very uplifting and always spea…

Getting ready to head out....

Well, we are still in Central Oregon, staying at our Son's house till the truck is ready to roll.  We have to put on Nerf bars so I can get into the truck easier and a Tonneau cover and then we'll head up to see family and friends before heading out.

It's been a busy week, getting things reorganized in the storage shed and trying to get things set up for yet one more Yard sale before we head out.  It's amazing what we accumulate over the years.  But, this is so FREEING!!!  I had a friend tell me that after they sold everything and bought a 5th wheel, but at the time, I just couldn't imagine doing it.....but thought about it.

Well, we HAVE done it and I haven't missed my house for one second.  It is so freeing to know we'll have no more yard to take care of, we only have the essentials we'll need to live in a 5th wheel.

The hard part, for me, was going through years and years and years of things I had saved not only from my two sons as they were growing …

The truck the Lord provided!!

We picked up our truck on Friday around 10am!!  I would say She is a beauty but I think it looks more like a he!  
It was a dream to drive.  It's a 2014 Dodge 3500.  Nothing fancy, just a good work truck and that's what we'll be using it for besides pulling our 5th wheel.
We spent the day, today, running errands. We ordered running boards for each side as I am not as tall as the person that must have owned it before, because it's a lot of effort to get into the thing...and I don't want to have to worry when there is snow or ice on the ground, trying to lift myself up into that thing.
The running boards will be here on Monday after Mother's I have to swing my body up into the truck till then :-)  Good exercise, I guess.
Hit Costco while we were out and realized, we can't we won't be able to buy in bulk like we used to :-)  That's the little things we'll have to get used to.  It's all good!!
I am still amazed that the Lord found us …