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Still waiting......but it's all good!!

Well, we are still waiting for our RV.  We were told, the other day, that it might be the first week of August, now.  That would be wonderful!!!

We understand that they are a small company and we'll take quality over getting it super quick!  They have had some delays and are working hard at getting caught up, but they will not compromise quality just to get something done faster.

We have spoken to a lot of people that have either bought one of these RV's or people that are currently waiting for theirs and they still maintain even with the longer wait, they would much rather buy from The RV Factory and know that they take their time putting units out, than a manufacturer that puts out thousands a week.

We just talked to a guy here in the park, at lunch, one day, who is currently broke down because of a big manufacturer that will not take the responsibility for the problem on their motor home but blames it on one of their vendors.  And, it has to do with the hydraulics, so it&…

Some random photos while driving to Yuma again!!

Now that I was able to get my photos uploaded, I decided to just post a bunch that I took when we were making our way back to Yuma, AZ on July 2-3.
We saw signs along the highway about the Largest Wind chimes and we needed to take a break, anyway, so we pulled into this adorable town called Casey, IL.
They had the prettiest light poles along the streets into town.  Cute buildings, too!  

 We found the largest wind chimes.  We got out and across the street, was the largest rocking chair.  You can see how big it is by our truck that is parked across the street.  It is HUGE.

Then, we went in search of the largest Mailbox and you could walk up steps to stand inside, but we opted not to do that.

Across the street was the largest Pencil.  

And, just up the street was the largest bird cage.  A kind lady told us to get inside and she'd take our photo together.  

Somewhere along the way, in MO, I think, was this store.  We got there just as they were closing.  But, we were able to use the…

Dealing with some family issues

We are still in Yuma, for now.  We have been here since early morning on July 4th.  
David's Mom passed away a little before midnight, last night.  We are trying to decide what to do next.  We have some difficult decisions to needing to come back to Yuma when we were already just four hours away from where we'd pick up our RV....has put a  real strain on our we have to think this through very carefully.   
Our 5th wheel isn't ready yet and we haven't had any word as to when it WILL be we are sort of in limbo!
Please pray that we can make the right decision for us....and that our 5th wheel gets finished soon!!
We know that God has everything under control......but it's just hard to be patient at times :-)  We are wondering if there is someplace else we can go to help out or work till the unit is ready to pick up.  I guess God will reveal that in His own time.
And, I know better than to pray for  
I have a lot of …

Some interesting things in OH

Our friends, Rita and Floyd took us to Jungle Jim's in Hamilton, OH.  What an awesome place to visit.  If you get a chance to go, you have to go!

This is at the entrance.

Then, you are greeted with this sign....too funny!

They even have cute stop and go lights inside.

 Checking out the different cheeses.  I couldn't believe how many types and from different countries.

The following were things I had never seen in a grocery store before. Boar's Heads
Chicken feet
Ducks heads.....not appetizing at all.

Beautiful produce section
And, the entrance to the bathrooms were hysterical.  I could have spent hours and hours and hours in that store and still never captured all that is in there.
I am really behind in posting to my blog.  
We have sort of had a few glitches in our travels.  First off, our RV isn't ready and won't be ready till possibly the end of July.
But, with that being said, it's a God Thing, as we got a call, on July 2nd that David's Mom was dying …