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Waiting on our RV

We are currently in OH....waiting on our RV to be finished.  It's going to take a little longer than we thought because of some shortages in inventory.

But, we are staying with friends and enjoying visiting them and seeing the landmarks around their city.

On Thursday, we took our friends, Rita and Floyd Holmes, and drove 4+ hours up to Elkhart, IN to tour the RV Factory, where our 5th wheel is being made.   Our sales rep told us it was in the assembly line.  So, I was so excited to see it.
Elkhart, Indiana

Upon entering the lobby, we were greeted with this sign
Then, we all took a tour of the factory, including Annie.  Our friends, from Ohio, went with us for the day.
This is our Sales Rep giving us the tour and explaining each phase of the factory and how the units are put together.  Very interesting.   David and Annie took up the lead.

She explained how they do all the wiring, plumbing, put in all the braces (about twice as many as most manufacturers), insulation and all the oth…

Tennessee to York, to OH....catching up!

Oh where do I begin?

I think the last update was when we were in Tennessee.

Since then, we have been to York, PA and visited with my Cousins there for about 5 days.
We took Hwy 30 and went through Gettysburg, PA on our way to York.  We didn't take time to stop as we thought we'd be visiting it later.  We didn't end up going there but hopefully the next time we visit.

We did get a little tour of York by my Cousin's daughter, Kathy.  She showed us some of the different landmarks of their city.

One was the 1st Capitol of the US, York, PA

The Articles of Confederation were drafted and adopted in York, though they were not ratified until March 1781. York styles itself the first Capital of the United States, although historians generally consider it to be the fourth capital, after PhiladelphiaBaltimoreand Lancaster Then, we saw some of the 'row houses' as I call them.
 Revolutionaries staduium
Sweet Frogs Frozen Yogurt

Another day, we did go to Lancaster and…

What a beautiful country we live in

Hi again,

Well, we are back on the road!  We enjoyed our stay with our TN friends and were spoiled rotten with GREAT food and were educated on different parts of where they live, including the fireflies, birds, different animals, an Amish Vegetable Auction, lovely brick homes, different sights and sounds.....but my most favorite of all was the fireflies!  I guess that's the kid in me.  My friend even caught one so I could see one, up close.

It was hard to catch a bunch of them all at once, but I gave it my best try!!  YUMMMMMY dinners every single night!!  Teri is a great cook!!  And, I even got to try her pickled eggs and pickled cherry tomatoes.
YUM!!!!  Going to have to make some of these!!
These packed a whollop, but were good.
 Their peaceful back yard! They took us on a drive to see some brick houses.  I LOVE brick houses and there were HUGE!!!

Thursday, we had a relaxing day by the Cumberland River and then lunch at Ruby Tuesday.
This morning after a breakfast of Amish Rais…

Still on the road

Good Morning,

We are still continuing our journey to IN to pick up our RV.

We have been through some beautiful states.  On May 23rd, we arrived in Kingman, AZ and visited my Sister for a few days and then we drove to Yuma and visited with his 93 year old Mom for a couple of days. When we left there, we drove up towards Flagstaff and headed east on I-40 and were able to go through the Painted Desert in AZ and the Petrified Forest (same road).

We stayed in Gallup, NM that first night.  Then drove on through the rest of NM...stopping at a gas station/Arby's in Tucumcari, NM where I encountered a gal in the woman's rest room that gave me a HELP note to take out to the front desk.  She was shaking so hard that I couldn't understand what she was trying to tell me what was happening...but I did what I was asked....and before we got our sandwiches at Arby's and headed for the truck, there were 6 police cars outside and the woman and her little girl were being helped and there …