Crockett, Texas "Paradise in the Pines"

Crockett is about 40 miles from where we are staying at our current volunteer job with VCB.  We had gone there once to pick up a prescription and get a few groceries but didn't venture down to the actual town.

I always have to look up the history of the town or what it’s known for or how it got it’s name….and of course things to do and see there. 

Here is what I found:

The town was named after David Crockett who reportedly had camped nearby on his way to the Alamo; the site was very near the Old San Antonio Road. A family from Tennessee donated the land for the town and named it after Crockett, whom they had previously known.

We, also pass through Groveton, on our way to Crockett to get groceries.  A week or two ago, on our way to Crockett, we passed a field where they had some guys in civil war uniforms.We didn’t know what was going on till we got home and I Googled it….and found out they were enacting the battle of blackjack grove.  If we had known about it, ahead of time, we might …

Still hanging out here at camp

Well, we are still here, at the camp, and are enjoying our stay!!  (well, except for the thunderstorms). Today, though, it's clear blue skies and 71 degrees. 

When there were more people here, the Wi Fi was touch and go so I wasn't able to get online for a long enough time, so that I could update my blog.

And, to be totally honest...we haven't done anything really all that exciting or interesting to share!

The staff here are just wonderful!!!   They wave and say HI as they drive past in their ATV's and golf carts or when they see you walk into the dining hall or office.  And, they are so willing to help you out if you have a question or need something.

Oh how I wish I could have a big stamping retreat here.....this place is just such a wonderful campground and the couples/family cabins are places that I could actually LIVE....they are so nice.  The dorms are nice, too, with like 8-10 sets of bunk beds and showers and bathrooms.  Here is one cabin they were working on...and…

Sitting Still!!!

Since leaving Cooper, TX, we have been staying at the Pineywoods Baptist Camp and David has been volunteering around the camp, with some other volunteers.  They have mostly been getting things ready for when the VCB volunteers come to get a another lodge finished.

When we first got here, I was still down with the flu, so I wasn't able to get out and about for the first week and a half.  The others kidded David that he really didn't have a wife as they hadn't seen her. 

Finally, the dang bug left and I was able to get out for a short walk.  We ran into the guy that kidded David and he said, "You DO exist".  It was still a few more days before I felt good enough to take a walk down to the dining hall and have lunch with David.

One of my favorite places, here...although it's an awesome camp in so many ways the swing and waterfall that I pass when I walk down to the dining hall.  I love to just sit there for a few minutes on my walk and just enjoy the vie…

Cooper, Texas

On our way to Cooper, TX

We arrived in Cooper, TX on Saturday, January 6th just as it was getting dusk.  We had planned on being there earlier in the day, but we had a flat on the RV and had to wait to get it fixed before we could leave Mauriceville, around 11:30 am.  All good, as there were others there before us and we got a spot in front with no one on our passenger side, so it worked out well for Annie to get in and out of the RV using her ramp. 
When we got there, there was just a concrete slab but on Monday, the guys did a great job getting the sides of the building up Over the next couple of days, they started putting on the walls, the braces for the pull through drive way and then the trusses.  

The ladies of the church served lunch and dinner each day.  They did a great job!!!  PLENTY to eat and even left overs to take to our Rigs after dinner, the first couple of nights.  Then, they adjusted the amount of food and there weren't left overs.  Which was a good thing.

I wen…

Back in Mauriceville

Back in Mauriceville before New Year's.  We were invited on Dec 31st to join the rest of the church in a little get together.  They had tons and tons of snacks and we really enjoyed the fellowship with everyone.
We went back to our RV as everyone had places to go to spend time with their families and friends.  We watched TV for a bit and then went to bed.  But, you could hear the fireworks going off all around us throughout the night.  
We spent the first week of the New Year helping out where we could at the church.  
We helped our new friend, Maxine move buckets, trim, heavy items and other things left behind, from the sanctuary.  We had to use a dolly to move out the larger items.  It took us about 3 hours.  Not bad for 3 old people, lol.  Maxine also is a VCBer...but this is her church and she was mainly in the kitchen but you could find her helping out everywhere else, too.
I got a few good recipes from her....can't wait to make them at a later time.  She was always full…

The rest of our time in St Augustine and back to TX

Rather than share each day spent in Florida, which is really only of interest to us....I have decided to just share the main things we did and then get back to our work with VCB.

We shared our Anniversary with our Son.  We went out for breakfast at a place he hadn't been to before.  Later, that day, he took us out for dinner for our anniversary and we also spent part of the day on Christmas Eve, together...and then David and I went to the St Augustine outlet malls.  Wow...did we ever get a long walk in.  I think I got 7,000 steps that day and 5,000 of them were at those two malls.

Here is something you don't see often near a mall parking lot.

And, really, who in their right mind would attempt to feed an alligator?  I did look really close as we were driving past that area.....kind of hoping I'd see one so I could get a photo :-)

Here are some of the places we visited over the course of a few days.  Whitey's Fish House.  It was so cool to sit at our table and the side o…

Christmas Break in Florida 1

Almost there!

Finally, entered Florida and headed for St Augustine to our RV park. Our Son met us there and we visited for a bit.  Great to see my Grand dog, Reggie, too.
We headed over to Sonny's BBQ across the street where we enjoyed Gator Tail and Deep Fried Pickles for appetizers.

Evidently, I didn't get a photo of the Gator Tail.  I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually really good.  And, I LOVED the Deep fried pickles.
We went back to the RV and visited a bit more than decided to call it a night and Jim would come get us in the morning and we'd drive down to Daytona Beach and tour the Daytona International Speedway.
Next day, Friday,  on to Daytona!!

Tickets in hand, we only had a 1/2 hour wait for our Tour Tram
What a huge speedway!!!  Never imagined it being this huge!!!
I took a ton of photos but couldn't begin to do it justice. One of the turns on the speedway. is 4 stories high!  Amazing!!!  I didn't get that photo, but did get one. I couldn'…