Crescent Beach, WA

Well, we've been here, now, since June 19th and we have pretty much settled in so, I guess I should catch you up on what we've been up to.
One of the first things I noticed when we entered the office, here at Crescent Beach RV Park, was this board. I like to check it out when we walk up to the office each day.    
That way, one knows when high tide or low tide is going to be.  There is a HUGE difference as to how much beach you have to walk on!!  OR depending on the conditions, it makes a difference to the surfers that come here.  It's not Hawaii by any stretch of the imagination or CA for that matter, but we do get a lot of surfers, paddle boarders etc.

We got here on June 19th and they had a potluck for all the crew on the 21st.  Since we were the newcomers and hadn't really gotten settled in just yet, they gave us a pass on bringing something.  The food was yummy!! 

Then, we were sort of  'in training' for the next few days. We were hired to work one of two…

Our newest adventure

Well, we have officially entered the world of Workamping.  What is that you say?  Workamping is just that, working while 'camping'.

Here is the official description: 

Workamping, a portmanteau, blending "work" and "camping," is a form of tent or RV (primarily) camping involving singles, couples or families who work part-time or full-time. The people who are Workamping can be called Workampers.

We were visiting family and friends in Oregon and trying to decide what our next step was going to be.  We had hoped to find a place to stay put in Central Oregon for a while or even SW WA so we could visit our family and friends throughout the summer months before we made a decision as to what we'd do come winter.

We had always planned on going back to work with VCB but we found out, through our experience, that they mostly work in the Central part of the US....and being away from family for 7 months at a time was hard on me.  NOT that we won't do it again but…

Cowboy Church of Brenham, part two

Shooter, is the dog that belongs to the Crew Chief, Jerry and his wife, Sandy.  Shooter would see me coming and she would come out and meet me for her belly rub!!  She definitely had my number!!! What a sweetheart.  She kept an eye on the guys as they worked.

One day, that first week, all the ladies carpooled into to Brenham,to go thrift store shopping.  There were about 4 more ladies in the group, but I could never seem to get them all together at one time.  What a great bunch of ladies!!!  I really enjoyed working with them.

Two of them, goofing off!!! :-)
I loved all the old buildings in dowtown Brenham.  Of course if you want more modern stores.....they have those, too,  off the service roads along the freeway.  Lots of different places and restaurants galore!!
Another week, we all went thrift shopping, again, but this time in Navasota, TX about 23 miles away, give or take, in the opposite direction.  And, like a lot of old towns, they had a Train track going right through the mi…

Brenham Cowboy Church - First phase`

I know it's been quite some time since I last posted.  My biggest reason was no Wi Fi :-(   After putting up with that for over two weeks, we broke down and bought a new phone for me as mine was getting outdated and I really needed Wi Fi to be able to log onto the internet to be able to update my blog AND stay connected to family and friends.  I thought the guy had transferred ALL my photos from my old phone to my new phone (and he did)but I couldn't find the photos of the first two weeks of our working at Brenham.  
Then, I just started searching.....and I found I am going to have to do this in 'installments' as I am still uploading photos from my camera  :-)
Just so you know, we are 'home' now....getting home on the evening of May 16th.  Been a busy couple of weeks and we'll soon be leaving for another job.....but more on that later!

This is where the Cowboy Church of Brenham meets every Sunday.  It's a combination ballroom/skating rink.  R…