Well, we have been here a little over a month, now.  This is our little space in 'Volunteer Village', where we are set up.  We have a motor home on the other side of of us to the right.  It's a nice couple from Texas, Bill and Alice.

There are two other workamper couples here to the left of us in another spot. One couple works our off days and the other couple works the off days for Bill and Alice.

The first few days, we spent raking pine needles and burning them.

It's super quiet here and we are just 1/4 mile down the road from the Visitor Center (VC).  We can look out our window and look right at the Dam.

Here are other photos from different view points.

Dworshak Dam is the 3rd largest dam in the US and the largest straight axis dam in the western hemisphere.  The reservoir, behind it, is 54 miles long.  There are mini campgrounds along the reservoir, which can be accessed by boat and hiking in, that are basically primitive.  There is another campground near here ca…

At our new Workamping job!!!

Hi everyone,

Sorry it's been a couple of months since I last posted.  We were a little 'down'  for a bit but, after a lot of inquiries and calls back and forth to prospective job offers, we are back to working again.

After leaving Columbia Riverfront RV, we stayed for a few weeks in our friends' side yard.  So, thankful for them allowing us to do this.  And, we had some really great visits while we were there including them including us for Mother's Day.

While we were there, we were able to have an RV repairman come out and check out our electrical problems.  Thank the Lord he did.  What he found was a real mess created by the factory we purchased our not quite 2 year old RV from.  And, they were not very helpful in helping him or us with any sort of schematic for the unit or any help in any other way, for that matter, except to tell us our warranty had elapsed and they couldn't help us. 

But the Lord came through for us, Big Time.  We were able to pay for it w…

Happy Birthday Annie.....and, A New Direction?

Well, this post is a tad late, as Annie's birthday was March 26th.  We celebrated her birthday by buying her an Orthopedic dog bed and making Instant Pot Brownies (for us, not her) and then I forgot to post it to my blog.
She turned 15, this year!!!  So happy to still have her with us!  She adapted to the RV life better than we thought was possible.  The only bad thing is, after this time of her laying on her bed.....she really wants nothing to do with it.  She prefers to lay on the floor???  I mean, come on, that floor is HARD and that bed is so comfy.  Yes, I tried it....LOL
Anyway, 3 days after her birthday we got a call to meet the owners of this RV Park up at their living quarters (when they are in the park).  They didn't mince words, they told us they were letting us go.  We were shocked...they said it was nothing we had done, we were good people and it was just that they wanted to do a 'reset'.  Meaning they were letting us and one other person go and hiring wh…

Long time no post!!!

Just my weird sense of humor!!   I saw this online, somewhere, and decided to print one off for the office.   It has received quite a few chuckles, hopefully the 'hint' will work.
I don't know why, but some people don't like to follow rules in an RV park and like I told the boss, this is a humorous way to remind them that this is one of the rules in any RV park.    
Well, it's been 5 months since I updated this blog.  Where on earth does the time go?
We got here in September and are still here!! ;-)
In October, the park was dressed up for Halloween and I also made several trips to the Patch to get pumpkins, squash and just to visit!! 

In October, we drove to Central OR and met our older Son there and he helped us load our U haul with the stuff from our shed we had there.  We went out for lunch and he headed back to the Eugene area and we headed back to WA to take our stuff to a storage shed near where we work.

After Thanksgiving, our younger Son flew out from Flor…

Our newest adventure!!

Well, here we are!!!  We have been at our present location for a little over a month and a half.  We both have been busy learning our new 'jobs'.
We are Workamping at an RV park on the Columbia River in Washington state.
I am learning the reservation system in the office and David is doing maintenance work and helping keep the park beautiful!!
I have to say, this is one of the nicest RV parks we have stayed at.  It may not be a resort and have a lot of activities like some do, which doesn't bother me...but it is QUIET and the view is fantastic!!!
We see ships going up and down the River every day and I still get excited when one goes by.
And, yes, they are that close.
 That is one HUGE ship!!!
 One of my favorite spots to sit when I am not working, to watch the ships.

Love to see the Riverboat go by several times a week.
And, the sunsets!!!  
This was taken from the window at the back of our RV.
Sitting next to the River enjoying the sunset.
Just so relaxing.

And, I even …

Last Day!!!

Our Last Day at Crescent Beach RV park
Well, here we are!!!  It's our last day here at Crescent Beach RV park.
We'll be heading for another adventure, tomorrow.  And, I will update the blog when we get settled in.
I was pretty excited, though, as this past Saturday, we saw THREE cruise ships go by all in a row.  That's the first time that has happened since we've been here.  The photo does not do it justice, but it was a cool sight to see.  Quite a few people lined up to watch them go by.

AND, after being here for over 2 months and having to patrol the beach and not allow anyone past the Rainbow Pole, I finally got to GO PAST the Rainbow pole.  Funny how when you aren't allowed to do something, your curiosity is all the more intense.  So, I got to see what it looks like when I was helping David patrol and someone went WAY past the pole.  It ended up being someone that was staying here at the park and he just didn't pay any attention to where he was at.  OR thought …

Our last week here!!

Well, here we are, our last week at Crescent Beach and RV park near Port Angeles.  We decided to take a little drive, yesterday, and check out a few places that we hadn't yet visited and also share some photos from our past few months of working here.  
We decided to visit the little museum in Joyce, WA just up the road from us about 2 miles or so. 

One of the things on display was the photo, above, of where the Crescent Beach and RV park now sits.  It used to be a port and a logging site.  Very interesting to read about.

Here is some information I found.

We also saw some really neat artifacts and this old truck, that our Granddaughter enjoyed sitting in.

She got to come and stay with us for the last week or so of our stay here.  We've had a lot of fun!!!

She enjoyed walking on the beach
AND, collecting shells!!  I told her she didn't have to pick up EVERY one she saw.
Another place I just had to see for myself was th…