Some random photos while driving to Yuma again!!

Now that I was able to get my photos uploaded, I decided to just post a bunch that I took when we were making our way back to Yuma, AZ on July 2-3.

We saw signs along the highway about the Largest Wind chimes and we needed to take a break, anyway, so we pulled into this adorable town called Casey, IL.

They had the prettiest light poles along the streets into town.  Cute buildings, too!  

 We found the largest wind chimes.  We got out and across the street, was the largest rocking chair.  You can see how big it is by our truck that is parked across the street.  It is HUGE.


Then, we went in search of the largest Mailbox and you could walk up steps to stand inside, but we opted not to do that.

Across the street was the largest Pencil.  

And, just up the street was the largest bird cage.  A kind lady told us to get inside and she'd take our photo together.  


Somewhere along the way, in MO, I think, was this store.  We got there just as they were closing.  But, we were able to use the rest room and buy a couple of pieces of fudge and get back on the road.

Had a great sunset that evening but now can't remember where we were.

Welcome to St Louis, MO the next day.

Caught a photo of the Arch as we went across a bridge.

 That night, we went through Tulsa, OK....and that's about when I quit taking photos.

We went through New Mexico, the next day...lots and lots and lots of miles of desert and beautiful colors.

We finally made it to Flagstaff, AZ early evening on the 3rd....and figured we'd be in Yuma by 9-11pm and then we got stuck in a traffic jam because of an accident.  The line was really, really long all the way from Flagstaff down to just before Phoenix.  And, we were stuck for a couple of hours or more.

Here is the snake of cars behind us..
 By the time we got going, it had turned dark and that was the end of taking photos.
We took the 303 around Phoenix and headed towards Yuma getting in at 1:30 am on July 4th. 

We made it over 2,000 miles non stop, only stopping at that cute town of Casey, IL to walk around a little bit and again, for two hours to sleep in a restaurant parking lot and potty breaks for Annie and us.  

We truly hope that we won't be doing that kind of trip again, anytime soon, 

Now that we've been here for 10 days, we have experienced a LOT of hot days.  It was 119 one of the first days we were here and it has been 109 or 108 almost every day since.  I think one day was only 107.  But, the forecast calls for more of the same in the next week or so.

We are just waiting for an update of our 5th wheel and when it will be ready to go pick up.

So hard to wait but we are trying hard to remember that God has this and just keep believing that He'll work it all out for good.

I have some more fun photos to share and might as well share them before we head out again.....hopefully, soon!!

Have a great day!!!

David and Char


  1. It's been crazy hot for sure. I enjoyed seeing all the overly large items, too fun. Traveling that many miles non-stop is not so fun.

  2. Too many times we go down the road and say, "Oh, wish we could stop and check that out". Now that we are retired, we are trying to do just that! The non stop driving, don't want to do that again, anytime soon, or ever if it can be helped. :-)


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