We are on our way HOME!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Sorry for such a lapse in updating you on our adventure but the past few weeks have really been hectic.

But, to be perfectly honest, I didn't have much to tell you since my last post when I had said that we were getting ready to head over to the RV Factory to have the remaining things finished.

They ended up putting us up at a nice hotel from Friday the 25th till Tuesday morning, August 28th.

When, we arrived, they said that if we wanted to live in our RV at night, they could work on it during the day, it would be fine.  But, we just had to realize that there were some cosmetic things that they still needed to finish.

We agreed and we were there in their parking lot from August 28th through September 8th.   Every day, we would get up, get dressed and head over to the customer lounge where we would hang out while they pulled our Ambition in to work on things.   Sometimes, we'd be there all day.  Or we'd go take a drive and check out our surroundings.

When we…

Well........................tomorrow is the day!

At least that was what we were told on Friday when we arrived to take possession of our RV.

Not completely sure what the hang up was, this time, but something to the effect that they were still waiting on one piece of furniture to arrive and then it was ready.  Monday, we'll find out.

So, we are staying at a hotel near by, paid for by  company and hopefully, in the morning...we will get to see her in all her glory!

I'll update you after we have gotten to check it out and have had a chance to take some photos.

In retrospect, it's been a long, long, long 3 months on the road.  But, there were so many things we were able to take part in and places we got to visit and things we were able to do that we wouldn't have gotten to do, IF we had gotten our RV on time.  For this, I am so thankful!

Driving back to Yuma to see his Mom before she passed, and then back to OH again....put a TON of extra miles on our pick up, which we hadn't planned on....but life doesn't always…

The Ark in Kentucky

On Sunday, August 12th, we went to see The Ark Encounter in Kentucky!  What a fantastic experience!!

First off, after parking your vehicle out in their massive parking lot, you walk to the ticket booths to purchase your tickets and then walk to the bus stop and wait for one of the many buses that take people up to the Ark on the hill.

This is what you see as you are driving up the long, long hill to the top.  It's massive!!!

Here is one end of the Ark so you can see just how huge it is.

And, another.

Here are some photos of the animal cages.  Possible ways that they may have stored food and animal feed, etc.

Bins of fresh vegetables that they grew.

                                                          Preparing food in the kitchen.

                                                          Noah praying with his family.
                                                               Noah rescuing a dove.

Stamping fun!!

We have been keeping busy while we wait for our RV.

I was invited to go to a get together with Rita at her Up-line's house on August 10th. We are both demonstrators for Stampin' UP! and the person that got her into SU has a monthly get together with her downline.

 This is the view of her home, as we drove up her driveway.  I was a little intimidated, but had no reason to be.  She was one of the sweetest, nicest people.

Here is my friend getting ready to open the door.  She said, "Hurry up and take that dern picture"  LOL

I was welcomed with open arms.  And, not only that, I got to swap cards with 15 other gals.  What fun!

We listened to a talk by her up-line and then she demonstrated how to make a spinner card.  FUN!

Afterwords, I got to tour her awesome stamp room and class room, where she holds her classes for her customers.

Great stamp room!!!!  Only a stamper can truly appreciate how wonderful it would be to have this much room to stamp in!!

Then, the next eveni…

Some photos of our RV in construction!!

I have been asked if we have any photos, so far, of our 5th wheel.  I was going to wait till it was completely done but decided, since I have to wait each week for updates, maybe I should send them as I get them for those that were wanting to see how it goes through the process.

So, I'll try to post them, after this, as I receive them.

Now, just so you know....the first month or so, after we left the tour, there were no updates......and I didn't really start getting photos till in July!  Had a little 'discussion' with the President of the company and told him I would rather see tiny little updates than no updates at all.

He explained that they had had a month long shut down, so that didn't help in the production but they are making lots of progress since mid July and he said he would make sure I got updated each week and he is staying true to his word.  :-)

So, here we go.....

This is the very first photo we took when we toured the RV Factory and were told this wa…

A little excitement around the neighborhood

On Monday, August 7th, David woke me up and asked if I wanted to see what was going on outside.

Evidently, some guy came around the corner too fast and lost control and drove between the light pole and a cyclone fence, just missing Floyd's pick up in the drive way and then continued out the other side of the driveway and ended up in FRONT of our pick up!!!   You can see the second police car driving up behind  our truck.

Our friend, Floyd, called the police and asked if the guy needed any medical attention, he said no....and walked off.  When the first car showed up, Floyd told him what happened and was still talking to him when the second one showed up (you can see him behind our truck) and then they were both off to go look for the guy.

And, then they were back with the man in one of the cars.  They proceeded to check out the car and issue him some sort of ticket.

A tow truck was called and they removed the vehicle.  It had a smashed in door, broken front window and side window.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

On Sunday,August 6th, around noon or so, we went to a Festival at a Catholic Church about 20 minutes from here, where they served an AWESOME family style chicken dinner.  And, wouldn't you know it, I was so busy feeding my face, I didn't think to take ONE photo of the meal !!
But, visualize this........deep friend Chicken, mashed potatoes and AWESOME chicken gravy, Corn off the cob, Noodles, Green beans, Cole Slaw and rolls!  They make it all on site.  Plus all the iced tea or coffee you could drink.  And, if that wasn't enough, they brought around a tray of all kinds of desserts!  I chose the home made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. 
OH YUM!!!!  That had to be some of the best deep friend chicken I have ever eaten, not to mention the gravy!  Needless to say, we were waddling out of there.
It was run very efficiently, and we didn't have to wait long to get a table for 7.  And, our little waitress kept coming around to keep our bowls filled.
Afterwards, we cou…