Thanksgiving and our first VCB job in TX

Well, here we are, still in Texas!!!  Or should I say, BACK.  But, more on that in another post.
Our holidays started out in Livingston, TX at the Escapees Park there.  We got in late on Thanksgiving day and missed the park's Thanksgiving get together.  :-(   Took a lot longer than we thought and with traffic....what can I say?
A few of our fellow campers, at the park, took pity on us and one gal gave us some sliced Turkey and a Butternut Squash dish and another gal gave us a pecan pie she had picked up at Wal Mart but they didn't cut into.
We hadn't had time to shop on our way there so we just added whatever we found in our cupboard and fridge and the result was filling ;-)  
We stayed a few days in Livingston, TX and them drove down to Mauriceville, TX, where we met up with other VCBers to work on a church there for two weeks.

We got an outside parking spot.  We were able to see a field to side of us and woods to the back of us.  But, evidently I didn't get a photo …

Moving right along!!


A couple of weeks has passed and we've traveled a lot of miles.  Since leaving Pahrump, NV, we stayed at Golden Valley, AZ for one week, which is about 20 minutes from Kingman, AZ (where my older Sister lives).
Loved, loved, loved our view out the back of our RV.  Every night, this is what we were treated to.  There is not much going on in Golden Valley, but like I said, Kingman is about a 20 minute drive.

And, this is what we were able to view in the daytime.  All kinds of tractors and those mountains.
We had my Sister and a couple of her friends over for our first 'potluck' at our RV.  It was a fun time.
We left there on Sunday, November 19th and drove a few hours to Gila Bend, AZ to a KOA park there.  What a nice park!  Of course, all they had to do was mention scorpions, snakes, poisonous spiders and some sort of poisonous toads to be on the look our for and that kept me close to the 5th wheel :-)  But, the sunset was beautiful…

Pahrump, NV

We are now staying in a different location and I will post some photos at a later time.
But first, let me tell you about our two weeks in a town we'd never been to before, Pahrump, NV.
We normally take 95 to Sparks, NV and then go on through Las Vegas and then head to AZ via Boulder City and on into Kingman or head to Yuma.  BUT, this time, we took a different path, turning off 95 and taking Hwy 160 to Pahrump, NV.                                    I loved the desert and mountains leading all the way into Pahrump.  We had no trouble finding the Escapee Park named Pair A Dice

We arrived on the afternoon of October 30th.There were no available spaces, so we were allowed to use their boon docking area to set up for the night.  We ended up staying there for two nights and the view was wonderful!

Here’s the tree that we were parked close to.  Very interesting.  Actually, we had a better view of the mountains surrounding the park, in the boon docking area than we did when we finally got p…


What a restful time we had in Sparks, NV.  We got into the Marina RV park after dusk.  We were checked in and a guy on a golf cart took us to our site.

My friend, Pat, brought us over two big jars of homemade soup, (as soon as we arrived and got set up)  Two different kinds of soup, plus rolls.  Also, she made a quiche for our breakfast the next  morning.  She said that she didn't want me to have to cook for awhile!

What a thoughtful thing to do!!!  That was such a blessing!!

The next morning, she came back and picked me up and took me to her home so we could visit and PLAY all day!!  She had invited some other gals that make cards, as well, and one I hadn't seen in years and years.  What a great day of visiting!!!

They hadn't heard of an Eclipse Card, so Pam took me back to the RV (which was only about a mile away) and I got the stuff for each of us to make one.  Pat supplied the cardstock.  Oh what fun!!!

David had things he had to get done, so he opted to stay back at …

Finally on our way to a new adventure!!

We had a great time in Culver, OR visiting with friends and family!  Although, we were also working our bums off getting things organized for a yard sale and then getting what was left back into storage.  We did make quite a dent in the possessions in our storage unit.  Hopefully, by next Spring, we'll be totally FREE.

After we got everything out of the storage unit, we put everything behind our 5th wheel in piles.  Believe me, this was only a part of it.  Thanks to our friend, Bill....and also Richard for helping us.  We'd have never gotten it done by ourselves.
 As we had time, we went through each box and decided what to do with it.  Some was put in the yard sale, some was given to friends and a lot was donated.
Oh gosh, the inside of our 5th wheel looked really bad till we got everything gone through.  Should have taken a photo just before we left with it all clean and tidy, once again.  :-)

We spent almost 3 weeks in Culver, visiting friends and our Granddaughter and her …