Waiting on our RV

We are currently in OH....waiting on our RV to be finished.  It's going to take a little longer than we thought because of some shortages in inventory.

But, we are staying with friends and enjoying visiting them and seeing the landmarks around their city.

On Thursday, we took our friends, Rita and Floyd Holmes, and drove 4+ hours up to Elkhart, IN to tour the RV Factory, where our 5th wheel is being made.   Our sales rep told us it was in the assembly line.  So, I was so excited to see it.
Elkhart, Indiana

Upon entering the lobby, we were greeted with this sign

Then, we all took a tour of the factory, including Annie.  Our friends, from Ohio, went with us for the day.

This is our Sales Rep giving us the tour and explaining each phase of the factory and how the units are put together.  Very interesting.   David and Annie took up the lead.

She explained how they do all the wiring, plumbing, put in all the braces (about twice as many as most manufacturers), insulation and all the other stuff.....which I soon forgot as soon as we were done with the tour...but it did make a good impression as to how conscientious and thorough they are.

This is a photo shot from the middle looking towards one end of the 5th wheel.

And, THEN, she revealed that this was OUR 5th wheel!!  There is our name on the frame!
I was a little taken back as I had thought it was further along than this but she explained how this is the part that takes the longest getting all the 'guts' in place and the frame built etc.

 After the tour, we drove about 20 miles to the town of Shipshewana, IN.  It's known for it's Amish community.  We got to see a LOT Of Amish buggies going here and there.  We wanted to get out and walk around but there was a LOT of traffic and we had our dog, Annie, with us and it was warm out.
So, we drove through the town and then out in the country towards home.  Here is a beautiful Amish farm.  So many of them!!  I want to go back and spend a couple of days just touring around the countryside and take photos.
 An Amish Mom and her children riding bikes.
 Driving past an Amish buggy
 Gorgeous buggy
 Buggies lined up at some store in Shipshewana.

We stopped in a little town, on the way home, and ate at an Amish buffet.  YUM!!!
Then, we drove through the countryside our of Shipshewana and then back the way we drove to Elkhart.

We got home around 9:30pm..  A LONG LONG day.....seeing how we left a little before 7am.  But, it was a fun day!!  So much beautiful countryside.

OH the most amazing thing!!!  When we started this journey, we were looking for a pick up that was a cream color but it also had to have a Aisin transmission and a Cummins engine.  The Cummins engine was pretty easy to find but not one with an Aisin transmission.  A dealer in Eugene, OR had one and we went over to look at it and it was Platinum.  It was the truck the Lord provided so we figured it would go ok with our 5th wheel.

When we took the tour, we looked at a 5th wheel just like ours, in the line, and I asked Lindsay, is this OUR color on OUR 5th wheel, too?  She said, Yes, the color is different on the 2017.

Guess what?  It matched our pickup exactly!!!  Is God amazing or what?  He knew what color our RV was going to be....we had it in our minds it was beige and brown for some reason.

Just had to share that God thing!!

Have a fantastic day!!



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