What a beautiful country we live in

Hi again,

Well, we are back on the road!  We enjoyed our stay with our TN friends and were spoiled rotten with GREAT food and were educated on different parts of where they live, including the fireflies, birds, different animals, an Amish Vegetable Auction, lovely brick homes, different sights and sounds.....but my most favorite of all was the fireflies!  I guess that's the kid in me.  My friend even caught one so I could see one, up close.

It was hard to catch a bunch of them all at once, but I gave it my best try!!
 YUMMMMMY dinners every single night!!  Teri is a great cook!!  And, I even got to try her pickled eggs and pickled cherry tomatoes.

YUM!!!!  Going to have to make some of these!!

These packed a whollop, but were good.

 Their peaceful back yard!
They took us on a drive to see some brick houses.  I LOVE brick houses and there were HUGE!!!

Thursday, we had a relaxing day by the Cumberland River and then lunch at Ruby Tuesday.

This morning after a breakfast of Amish Raisin bread french toast and eggs, our friends led us to the road we needed to take to get us to the interstate.  Since they live way out in the country, the roads get confusing to us.  

Thanks for a wonderful stay!!!!

Oh and one last photo....this is what met me the night we got in...at almost midnight.  I about died!! BUT soon found out it wasn't real.....but it LOOKS VERY real!!!  Thanks Deane!!

Thanks to all of you that are following us along on our journey!  We are excited to get our 5th wheel and feel like we have a 'home' again.  But, we found out it may be the 1st part of July now.  It is what it is, right?  It's a God thing!!!  So, I am sure He has it all figured out even though, at time, I take it back and fret about it.

Thanks to all of you that have texted, e-mailed, send messages on FB and told me that you are praying for us.  THAT means so much to both of us.

Have a fantastic day!!!!

Dave and Char


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