Tennessee to York, to OH....catching up!

Oh where do I begin?

I think the last update was when we were in Tennessee.

Since then, we have been to York, PA and visited with my Cousins there for about 5 days.
We took Hwy 30 and went through Gettysburg, PA on our way to York.  We didn't take time to stop as we thought we'd be visiting it later.  We didn't end up going there but hopefully the next time we visit.

We did get a little tour of York by my Cousin's daughter, Kathy.  She showed us some of the different landmarks of their city.

One was the 1st Capitol of the US, York, PA


The Articles of Confederation were drafted and adopted in York, though they were not ratified until March 1781. York styles itself the first Capital of the United States, although historians generally consider it to be the fourth capital, after PhiladelphiaBaltimoreand Lancaster
Then, we saw some of the 'row houses' as I call them.

 Revolutionaries staduium

Sweet Frogs Frozen Yogurt


Another day, we did go to Lancaster and saw some Amish farms, an Amish farmer putting up hay and even visited some shops there.

On the way back to York, we saw this home built like a shoe.  Cool, huh?

We left York and headed to OH to visit friends.

I helped one day at VBS and enjoyed it.  I remember all the years I taught VBS and now those kids are married and have kids of their own.

At VBS, one of the kitchen staff fixed herself a sandwich.  I thought it unusual but evidently it's not that odd.

After a 3 days, we got a call that David's Mom was in the hospital and not doing well....so we made a quick decision on Sunday morning to head for Yuma.  We left at 10am and drove all day and got into Springfield around 7pm central time.  David called to get an update and she was doing a little better. Got a shot of the Arch way over in St Louis, but I brought it up closer so I could get a fairly decent shot.

The next morning, we had breakfast and I had to take a picture of this unique pancake maker at the motel.

David called again and talked to his Sister and then his Mom.  His Mom basically told him to go get the 5th wheel..and keep doing what we were doing.  It was a really difficult decision to make but we still had another 1500 miles, yet, to go....to get there....and we weren't sure how long we'd be there and we needed to be able to be in IN to pick up the RV when it was ready.

So, we headed back to OH.  We got as far as Brazil, IN that first night....because we didn't feel up to driving 10-11 hours again.

Took a photo of the Bridge over the Mississippi and the river itself.

We got back to our friend's house about 1:30 pm.  We'll stay here till it's time to pick up our RV.

Now that we are semi settled, for awhile, I'll try to post a little more frequently!!

Please keep David in your prayers as that was a huge decision to make.  IF need be, he can fly out from OH.

Have a great day!!!



  1. Yuma, Arizona? It is like a bazillion degrees out this way right now. It truly is best that you not travel out this way unless you really have a need.

    1. That's we've been told....it's really record breaking heat!!


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