Some interesting things in OH

 Our friends, Rita and Floyd took us to Jungle Jim's in Hamilton, OH.  What an awesome place to visit.  If you get a chance to go, you have to go!

This is at the entrance.

Then, you are greeted with this sign....too funny!

They even have cute stop and go lights inside.

 Checking out the different cheeses.  I couldn't believe how many types and from different countries.

The following were things I had never seen in a grocery store before.
Boar's Heads

Chicken feet

Ducks heads.....not appetizing at all.

Beautiful produce section

And, the entrance to the bathrooms were hysterical. 
I could have spent hours and hours and hours in that store and still never captured all that is in there.

I am really behind in posting to my blog.  

We have sort of had a few glitches in our travels.  First off, our RV isn't ready and won't be ready till possibly the end of July.

But, with that being said, it's a God Thing, as we got a call, on July 2nd that David's Mom was dying and possibly wouldn't make it through the night.  We made a 2,000 mile trip from OH to Yuma, driving straight through without sleeping, except for 2 hours in a restaurant parking lot...and got here at 1:30 am on July 4th.

She is slowly declining. But, is still able to talk a little and drink liquids.  David and I talked to the Hospice nurse, because I have taken care of dying patients before, with Hospice, and I didn't SEE the 'signs' and she told us that from her observations and checking her vitals, it wasn't as imminent as we had been led to believe.  

So, at least we made it and David will have time with his Mom. 

On another note, the Wi Fi here is spotty at I am having trouble with e-mail at times and being able to post to my blogs.

I sent a ton of photos to my e-mail, yesterday, intending to play catch up... but haven't received one of them yet :-(  So, until I can get those, I can only post what had already been previously saved to my computer or just write with no photos :-(

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  We really appreciate it..

It's so hot here in Yuma.....we got up to 119 one day and today it's only supposed to be 107. 

Hope you all have a great day!!!



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