Dealing with some family issues

We are still in Yuma, for now.  We have been here since early morning on July 4th.  

David's Mom passed away a little before midnight, last night.  We are trying to decide what to do next.  We have some difficult decisions to needing to come back to Yuma when we were already just four hours away from where we'd pick up our RV....has put a  real strain on our we have to think this through very carefully.   

Our 5th wheel isn't ready yet and we haven't had any word as to when it WILL be we are sort of in limbo!

Please pray that we can make the right decision for us....and that our 5th wheel gets finished soon!!

We know that God has everything under control......but it's just hard to be patient at times :-)  We are wondering if there is someplace else we can go to help out or work till the unit is ready to pick up.  I guess God will reveal that in His own time.

And, I know better than to pray for  

I have a lot of photos to share but just haven't had time to work on our blog.  And, my e-mail program is NOT cooperating.  I sent a ton of photos.....but the e-mail that I access from my lap top...quit working, so now I have to actually go to Gmail.....and of course the photos aren't there.  So, I'll have to resend them.

Today, we are just trying to lay low and rest and be still and hear God's prompting of what He wants us to do next.

Thanks for hanging in there with us.....and thanks for all the prayers!!!



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